Shock over county jobless

SHOCK new figures have revealed that 26,000 people in Lanarkshire have never worked a day in their lives.

The Labour Party has revealed details of the annual population survey which shows that 14,000 people in North Lanarkshire and 12,000 in South Lanarkshire have never had a job or a place or a Government backed scheme.

North Lanarkshire had the third highest figure in the country, behind Glasgow (55,000) and Edinburgh (41,000).

Central Scotland list MSP Siobhan McMahon used the opportunity to call on the Scottish Government to devote greater resources to creating jobs and opportunities in Lanarkshire.

She said: “These figures merely confirm what Scottish Labour has been saying for months, that neither the UK nor the Scottish Government is doing enough to create jobs and growth in Scotland’s economy.

“That 25 per cent of 18-24 year-olds in Scotland have never had a job or place on a Government work scheme shows the extent of the problem.

“I am concerned 26,000 people in Lanarkshire have never had a job or a place on a Scottish Government scheme, with only Glasgow and Edinburgh having higher totals than North Lanarkshire.

“The Scottish Government is directly responsible for the loss of over 11,000 public sector job losses and recently ignored Labour’s calls to invest in housing and reverse its cuts to the further education budget.

“In stark contrast, and despite struggling to cope with the Scottish Government’s local Government cuts, over the next three years North Lanarkshire Council plans to invest an extra £15 million in employment and training schemes, creating up to 5,000 jobs for local people.

“Alex Salmond and his SNP colleagues need to stop obsessing over the independence referendum and start focusing on what can be done to help Scotland here and now.”