Seven injured in rollercoaster crash

An image posted on social media of the incident
An image posted on social media of the incident

At least seven people have been injured after a rollercoaster crashed to the ground at the M&D’s theme park in Strathclyde Park.

The Tsunami rollercoaster appears to have derailed at one of the corners and plunged 30 feet onto a children’s ride with around 10 people on board.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Emergency services are responding to an ongoing incident at M&Ds theme park in Motherwell and further updates will be given in due course.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said six ambulance crews and a specialist operation team were on the scene.

He said: “I can confirm that we are attending an incident at M&Ds theme park in Motherwell.”

Katie Burns said she had just finished riding the Tsunami rollercoaster and was walking past when the carriage crashed with children on board.

On Facebook, she said: “Literally got off the Tsunami at M&Ds and then walking past and the next lot of people get on and the full thing goes off the tracks.

“Honestly never been so scared in my life, with this weather they should not be on,

“Kids and adults are still on it upside down, it’s like something out a horror film, children crying and everything.

“Literally can’t believe this, my heart goes out to everyone on it, a full load came off the track but and on the pavement, like a horror film worse thing ever heard and seen, can’t get over this.”

The park has now been evacuated.

Uddingston and Bellshill MSP Richard Lyle commented: “I’m incredibly concerned upon hearing of news of an accident at M&D’s Theme Park in my constituency.”

“As such I’m in attendance at Strathclyde Park along with the local councillor to offer any assistance we can.

“Right now our priority must be to allow the Emergency Services to do their job in looking after and caring for those involved.

“My thoughts are with all involved in what is an accident of deep concern to me and I know to all in our community.”