Scottish Government urged to ban shock collars

The Scottish Gov are being urged to banshock collars like the one above.
The Scottish Gov are being urged to banshock collars like the one above.

The Scottish Government is being urged to ban electric shock collars following a review of their use in Wales.

In 2010 Wales became the first country in the UK to ban electric shock collars and other electric pet training devices. In a recent announcement it has said that the ban would remain in force in spite of a campaign to water it down.

The decision follows new research by veterinary surgeon Dr Ruth Lysons, which found that any training benefits are outweighed by the cost to animal welfare, as the devices may cause pain. It was stated that effective alternatives are available while advising that the scope for misuse is too high.

Earlier this year the Scottish Government consulted on whether a similar ban should be introduced in Scotland.

The outcome has yet to be announced, but OneKind, the UK-wide animal protection charity based in Scotland, is calling on the Scottish Government to take strength from the Welsh Government’s decision to stand firm and keep the ban.

Harry Huyton, director of OneKind said: “The case for a complete ban in e-collars and all electric training devices that cause pain cannot be any clearer. Not only are shock collars cruel, they are also completely unnecessary. Positive reward-based training has been shown to be a more effective way of training dogs.

“The Welsh experience shows that a ban is an effective and appropriate approach to the use of these cruel devices. If we want to be known as a country that takes animal welfare seriously, Scotland must do the same.”

A survey carried out by OneKind earlier this year found that 91 per cent of dog trainers in Scotland support a ban.

Mr Huyton continued: “I hope that the Scottish Government will follow Wales’ example and bring forward proposals for a complete ban as soon as possible. As is the case in Wales, this should include shock collars and all other electric training devices that cause pain.”