School ban on dogs after boy (7) suffers facial injuries

A sign will now be erected at the school.
A sign will now be erected at the school.

The headteacher of Our Lady and St Francis Primary School in Carfin has highlighted a ban on dogs after a pupil was reportedly bitten on the face.

A seven-year-old boy was taken to Wishaw General Hospital on Thursday (March 17) following an alleged incident involving a Border Collie shortly after 3pm.

Fortunately, it is believed the pupil suffered only minor injuries.

Headteacher Geraldine Shearer, who has previously called on parents to keep dogs outside the gates, said that a sign would now be erected at the school.

She said: “An incident occurred within the school grounds on Thursday, March 17.

“A P3 pupil, being collected by a known adult who had a dog in his care, was bitten by the dog as he tried to stroke it.

“Staff in the playground at the time took the boy into the school, and myself, together with another member of staff, took the boy to Wishaw General Hospital. Police were contacted.

“Thankfully the pupil was able to return to school the following day.”

She continued: “We all have a responsibility to ensure our pupils are safe.

“On repeated occasions I have included articles in our newsletter reminding parents that dogs are not allowed in school grounds and most adhere to this.

“If someone is seen with a dog inside the school gates they are asked to leave. I have since sent a further letter to all parents reminding them of this rule, asking them to tell anyone picking up their child of this. “I am also awaiting a sign for the school gates that will act as a further reminder. The safety of all our pupils is paramount to us.”

Police confirmed that a 27-year-old man will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal following the alleged incident.