School aiming to help regeneration

Brannock pupils and their guests
Brannock pupils and their guests

Pupils at Brannock High School got togther with members of a local community group to discuss ways to improve their area.

The school hosted a Newarthill Regeneration mini-conference at which they were joined by community figures to explore ways the village could be regenerated.

They included local councillor Peter Nolan and Linda McLean who has been instrumental in building the RE: NEWARTHILL action group whose task is to research and identify measures that can take place to improve their local community.

One of the day’s presenters was Crawford Fulton from ‘clydeimagineering’ who gave an excellent presentation of the wide and varied aspects of town planning and designing.

Brannock headteacher hailed the event as a great success.

He said: “Crawford’s wide expertise in this field was apparent for all to see.

“The students thoroughly enjoyed the event and were quick to offer their own thoughts and ideas as to what they thought would be useful improvements to their home areas.

“The project has generated much interest and the school is looking forward to continuing its work on this matter in future months.

“A huge thanks has to be given to all who contributed on the day, and especially to the invited guests for their thoughtful and insightful contributions.”

The scope of the RE: NEWARTHILL initiative has been devised to encompass as wide a remit as possible for maximum impact on every aspect of the lives of people living in the area.

Issues targeted include health, enterprise, education, tourism, environment, crime, community facilities, transport and community support.

Through workshops problems and opportunities will be explored, options identified and solutions agreed.