Safety first is MSP’s message

Clare Adamson
Clare Adamson

The work done by a cross party group on accident prevention has been praised by MSP Clare Adamson.

The group was formed in 2013, when Ms Adamson brought together the current MSPs, stakeholders, charities and other interested parties after realising that accident prevention and safety awareness was an important area that would benefit from the establishment of a Cross Party Group.

Members of the CPG have praised Ms Adamson and her fellow MSPs sitting on it for their work in creating this group, which now has a membership of over 130 individuals and organisations with an interest in accident prevention and safety awareness, a number which is continuing to grow.

She said: “We have a particular problem in Scotland, especially in economically disadvantaged areas, with too many residents being injured in preventable accidents.”

As well as focussing on child safety, the group has also projected its focus on raising awareness on road safety and will shortly hold a meeting on water safety.

The most recent committee, which was held in January, focussed on ‘Health and Safety of the Working Population in Scotland’ with a handful of speakers from a number of companies.