Rollercoaster crash victim hailed for selfless bravery

Liam Boyle. Pic: SWNS
Liam Boyle. Pic: SWNS

A courageous boy injured in the M&D’s rollercoaster crash has been praised by his rescuers for his “unbelievable” and selfless bravery.

Eleven-year-old Liam Boyle was one of the 10 people injured when the Tsunami derailed and fell 20ft to the ground last Sunday (June 26).

Liam and his friend James, both in the same car, lay trapped between the mangled carriage unsure what had happened.

Former army medic Robert McCutcheon, who was one of the first to help Liam following the crash, said he was amazed by the youngster’s courage.

Iain Holms, a social worker and former nurse who had been at M&D’s with his family, soon joined Robert to provide assistance.

The pair knew what to do thanks to their medical backgrounds and helped put Liam, who suffered severe hand and leg injuries, at ease.

But despite their heroics, they say it was Liam himself who showed real bravery, caring more about his friend than himself.

Robert said: “I was amazed at how Liam reacted, he was so calm and he even managed to crack a few jokes.

“I have seen grown men in a battlefield who haven’t been that composed. For an 11-year-old, he was absolutely incredible.

“He did absolutely everything that was asked of him. He was talking to us, he stayed as still as he could, he held it together very well.”

At first Iain feared his own children may have been trapped in the wreckage, however when he realised they were safe he went in to help others.

He said: “I went in to help Robert, and Liam was amazing. He’s the bravest boy I’ve met in my whole life, without a doubt.

“He kept saying ‘Thanks for helping me’, even though he had gone through so much and he was really worried about his friend too, how he was.

“He was even joking about football, he said he loved Celtic, and I said I did too.

“Robert came over and said he loved Rangers and he was laughing that there were these two guys from different teams looking after him.”

Since last Sunday, Liam has had to go through two operations after his hand was almost completely severed and his leg was badly broken.

The rides and theme park area is still closed while the Police and the Health and Safety Executive continue their investigation into the accident.

However, on Friday park owners took the decision to open the indoor complex, including the Crazy Kongo soft play area, Cosmic Bowl and Amazonia.

Anyone who witnessed the incident, captured footage or took photographs can contact the police by calling 101 or e-mailing