Robert’s cracking discovery

Robert with the eggs from 1912 he discovered in a box of family mementoes
Robert with the eggs from 1912 he discovered in a box of family mementoes

Former Mossend and Bellshill man Robert Kerr made an egg-stra special - and egg-stremely unusual - discovery during a spring clean in time for Easter.

The 70-year-old was looking through boxes of family mementoes when he found two hard boiled eggs - from 102 years ago.

Robert was brought up in Mossend, moving to Bellshill when he was seven.

He attended Belivedere Primary School and then Bellshill Academy before moving to Biggar.

His parents were well-known in the local community and were long associated with Bellshill Baptist Church.

And it was his mother, Margaret McMeekin, and her twin sister Henrietta McMeekin, who boiled the eggs as children in 1912.

Robert, a retired panel beater, said: “In the old days, ordinary families like ours didn’t just go out to the shops and buy a chocolate Easter egg – you made your own by simply boiling a couple of ordinary, real eggs and then decorating them.

“You then took them to a nearby hill and rolled them down it to mark Easter.

“Back in 1912 my late mother and her twin sister, my ‘Auntie Netti’, did just that and, somehow, these decorated eggs survived to this day.

“The eggs had been wrapped in cashmere and stored in socks, and that’s maybe what has helped to preserve them.

“In those days, you would hard boil them and stain them with tea, and these two have also been signed and dated making them authentic.”

He added: “I keep a hold of family items like this, my daughter calls the collection the family treasure chest.

“I don’t suppose there will be many families who hang onto their Easter eggs for 102 years but ours has!”