Road safety crackdown

Road safety at the A725
Road safety at the A725

POLICE this week promised to continue cracking down on the behaviour of drivers and pedestrians which could pose a danger to road safety on the Bellshill bypass.

Since January road policing officers have been on the alert following numerous incidents of dangerous driving, speeding and items being thrown from flyovers across the A725.

Patrols in the area have stopped a total of 446 vehicles and reports have been submitted to the Procurator Fiscal for various road traffic offences.

A further 263 motorists have been issued with fixed penalty notices for speeding offences which incur penalty points on a driver’s licence and a £60 fine.

Although the previous speed restriction on the road was 70 mph this was changed some time ago and varies from 40 to 60 on different stretches of the road.

Inspector Keith Prentice, officer in charge of North and South Lanarkshire Divisional Road Policing, said he was actively encouraging officers under his command to tackle all types of road traffic offences on the Bellshill bypass.

He said: “The amount of motorists reported this year alone would suggest a need for road policing officers to be monitoring this stretch of carriageway.

“This will assist in protecting the law abiding motorists from any dangers faced by neglectful drivers.

“I will continue to monitor the situation and would warn motorists that we will continue to report offences detected at this location.”

Police have also pledged to crackdown on any cases of missiles being thrown at traffic from flyovers and a 12-year-old boy has been reported to the Children’s Panel in connection with one recent alleged incident at the Bellziehill roundabout.