Road re-opened for residents

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A SECTION of Merry Street has been re-opened after residents complained it was shut too early in the gas pipeline replacement scheme.

Scotia Gas Network coned off the eastbound carriageway between Calderbank Terrace and Jerviston Street in preparation for the 10-week programme.

However, residents of Calderbank Terrace complained they couldn’t turn left coming out of the cul-de-sac and were forced to sit in traffic for up to 45 minutes trying to get to the top of Merry Street.

Resdients were collecting a petition asking for the carriageway to be reopened, but when the Times & Speaker contacted SGN they quickly agreed to act.

SGN spokesman Greg Clarke said: “Following a meeting with our traffic management team and North Lanarkshire Council, residents leaving Calderbank Terrace will now be able to travel in both directions along Merry Street.”

Aybrey Cranshaw, who works at the nearby ESSO, said: “Having the road open again is already making a big difference.”

Full story in September 22 edition of Motherwell Times