Restaurant director hits back at critical diner

The online spat centred around a meal at the Canada Wood restaurant in Falkirk
The online spat centred around a meal at the Canada Wood restaurant in Falkirk

A diner who left a critical review of a new Falkirk restaurant received more than a mouthful in reply from an angry director.

Phil Jeruzal (26) visited the Canada Wood Kitchen and Bar in Lochgreen Road with his girlfriend on Sunday.

The exterior of Canada Wood restaurant in Falkirk

The exterior of Canada Wood restaurant in Falkirk

The couple were less than impressed with their meal, and Phil, a marketing assistant from Polmont, posted a comment on the restaurant’s Facebook page in response.

He praised Canada Wood’s “great location” in Callendar Estate but added it was let down by a “chef that doesn’t really seem to know what he is doing”.

He continued: “The quality of produce seems ok, but is handled poorly and when you aren’t getting either quality nor quantity it’s hard to see why you would choose here over somewhere easier to get to, and less expensive.

“Feel free to check it out for yourself, but if you are expecting high quality grub, you might want to look elsewhere.

“This place is average at best - for the time being. I’m sure with a decent head chef this place could be excellent, and a great wee addition to the Falkirk food scene.”

But Phil was shocked when business director Monica Shaw responded to the comment by telling him to “grow a set”, adding that she was going to “decline” his advice before saying the business had received a “long blue line of five star reviews”.

She suggested he “jump out from behind the safety of your PC” before recommending he “message any of the majority of five star reviewers for further clarification”.

The comments have since been shared widely on social media websites.

While some people have expressed their shock at a restauranteur speaking to a customer in such a manner, some backed Ms Shaw’s response.

Henni Havenga posted on the Canada Wood Facebook page: “If Mr Jeruzal had an issue with his food he should have spoken up during the meal and give the restaurant a fair chance to fix it.

“I am a restaurant manager and won’t hesitate to fix any issue that a customer might have with their meal. But I can’t turn back time and fix it the next day. Mistakes happen on the best if businesses, but as Ms Shaw said, its easy to whinge from the safety of your PC at home.

“I’m firmly in the “grow a set” camp.”

Canada Wood opened in April and has space for 120 diners.

The Falkirk Herald has approached Ms Shaw for comment.