Residents to fight road plans

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BELLSHILL residents are to form an action group to fight proposed plans to build an access road to the A8 motorway.

PD Stirling Ltd of the town’s Reema Road have applied to North Lanarkshire Council for planning permission to construct a new access road from A8 to their base at Mossend Rail Head.

Under the ambitious plans, the firm also hope to build an over bridge for the new M8, a gate house and a car park, in addition to the road which will be 2,500 metres in length and 10 metres wide.

The proposals also say that the northern end of the road will connect with the existing A8 at the new roundabout.

But local residents have hit back at the plans and as The Speaker went to press on Tuesday. They were in the process of meeting to talk about how they intend to stop the proposals being given the go-ahead and their plan to form an action group.

One of the residents, who did not want to be named, explained that the area the proposed road is be built on is currently green belt land.

It is used by people who walk their dogs, nursery and school pupils for nature walks, as well as families who enjoy camping on the land.


The resident also stressed that it is home to all sorts of wildlife including badgers and deers.

They said: “When we bought our house we were told you could not build on that land because of the coal mines and this is why the area appealed to me.

“Now that we have heard about these proposals we are not happy as this is the only bit of green land is this area.

“Plus if the plans go ahead, we will have to endure roadworks in addition to the ones we will be faced with for the construction of the new M8.

“No one wants to stand in the road of progress, I understand that, but you have to use your brain and I urge this company to look at the other side at Eurocentral for an entrance.”

Anyone concerned about the plans has until Wednesday, December 7 to voice their opinion to North Lanarkshire Council as part of the consultation process.

There are already over 300 comments - most objecting to the plans - on the local authority’s online e-planning service and several letters can be viewed on the site with people citing other issues that they have with the proposals such as visual impact.


One resident, who lives in Bridgeford Avenue, also cites that the plans for the road to be used for 600 HGV journeys per day equates to one every 2.4 minutes. They say this is the equivalent to the noise of 32 cars passing every 2.4 minutes.

According to the resident, there are over 155 dwelling houses within the 300m buffer zone around the road with the closest being only 84m away.