Reporter caught up in mid-air drama

The propeller had to be shut down
The propeller had to be shut down

Johnston Press reporter John MacInnes was involved in a mid-air drama this morning when his plane was forced to declare a mayday and return to Glasgow airport for an emergency landing.

The Flybe flight to Birmingham had reached as far as Cumbria when passengers noticed a huge vibration within the cabin and the propeller on the left hand side of the plane began to stutter.

John, part of the JP Central news team, said: “There was then a louder vibration which lasted about 30 seconds and a cabin attendant said there was a minor problem. However, the propeller then stopped turning completely and we were told the pilot had been forced to shut it down and declare an emergency and we would be making for the nereast airport, which happened to be Glasgow.

“We had been delayed an hour and a quarter in Glasgow to begin with due to deicing problems and I’m guessing this had somethng to do with it.

“Everyone in the plane was very controlled, there was no screaming or shouting or anything and we landed safely, thanks to the professionalism of the pilots.”