Ravenscraig Town Centre eight-week investigation underway

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AN eight-week programme to investigate soil quality, road formation levels and the location of redundant foundations will begin at the proposed Ravenscraig town centre site on Monday.

The announcement of this work comes after the Scottish Government last week approved North Lanarkshire Council’s plan to pour £73 million of public money into the project through Tax Incremental Financing (see last week’s Motherwell Times).

An earlier programme of ground investigation works was carried out in the Carfin and Cleekhimin areas to the north of the site around four years ago.

This new investigation, to be carried out by Hamitlon-based Raeburn Drilling and Geotechnical Ltd, is a vital requirement before any construction work can take place.

The majority of the work will be contained on the Ravenscraig site, but it will be necessary to carry out some investigations on private land in the Airbles Road/Orbiston Street area of Motherwell.

Full story in March 31 edition of Times & Speaker