Queen Stephanie rules 
at Viewpark Gala

Queen Stephanie Ritchie is crowned by Taylor McMillan
Queen Stephanie Ritchie is crowned by Taylor McMillan

Around 5,000 people took to the streets of Viewpark on Saturday to celebrate this year’s gala.

The highly anticipated day kicked off with the parade leaving the Smurfit factory car park, headed for Burnhead District Hall for the opening ceremony.

Stephanie Ritchie was crowned this year’s queen, with 2014 queen Taylor McMillan ably performing the coronation.

Queen Stephanie’s royal court - ladies in waiting Lara Cheeseman and Erin Blevins, flower girl Katlin Kelly, champion Harrison Shaw and crown bearer Taylor Hurles - were on hand to assist throughout the day.

Following the ceremony, those who attended enjoyed a wide range of entertainment, music and activities before the day was brought to a close around 5pm.

Organisers have hailed this year’s effort a huge success.

Treasurer Sandra Clements said: “The committee would like to thank everyone who was involved in any way - especially the hairdresser, who was just fantastic, and the first aiders who were brilliant.

“A massive thank you to everyone who turned out and made the day so enjoyable.”

The committee urgently needs to recruit more members and volunteers to continue running the annual event.

For more information, call Sandra on 07886 822147 or visit the gala’s Facebook page.