Pupils up for the challenge to help others

Our Lady's High pupils Katie Anne Hunter (left) and Heather Baird
Our Lady's High pupils Katie Anne Hunter (left) and Heather Baird

Two Our Lady’s High pupils are set for a great adventure during their summer holidays this year with a special mission in mind.

Best friends Katie Ann Hunter and Heather Baird, both 17 years old, are sixth year pupils at Our Lady’s.

The Lasallian World Developing Project visited the school to talk about their work abroad. They were not necessarily looking for volunteers but the two girls were inspired by what they learned that day and decided that they could help.

They put their names forward as volunteers and they were delighted to be selected to work with the organisation. Katie Anne will be going to Tanzania and Heather will travel to India.

The two girls are prepared for the lifestyle and work that awaits them and they know it will not be easy. They will live in simple basic accommodation and their work will involve building centres for local communities.

Not only are the girls giving their time and energies to the building project, they have to raise enough money to fund the travel, accommodation and help with building materials!

They each have a target of £1450 and, being best friends, they are sharing the work and rewards of fundraising activities and they have been supported by other parishes.

They attended St Thomas’ Church, Wishaw, last week and spoke about their plans. The parishioners there made a collection at the service.

There will be a fundraising race night at St Bride’s Hall, Motherwell on Friday, March 27, and a ladies’ night at St Bernadette’s on May 8.

Katie Anne’s parents Janey and Ross, and Heather’s parents Barbara and Alan, are very proud of their daughters, although a little apprehensive.

Janey said: “We know we will miss the girls when they are away for five weeks and probably worry a bit, but we are very proud of what they are doing.”