Pupils get a taste of council work

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PUPILS from Motherwell’s Knowetop Primary School left their classrooms behind for tours around North Lanarkshire Council’s headquarters.

Eighty-nine children visited the Civic Centre and met with Provost Jim Robertson and Depute Provost Jean Jones on several visits over a few weeks.

Each visit included a tour of the building and a question session in the council chambers where they appeared on the large projection screens and used the councillor’s microphone and speaker systems.

The pupils also had the opportunity to talk to the Provost and Councillor Thomas Lunny about their day to day tasks and ask questions about other aspects of the council’s work.

Provost Robertson said: “It was a pleasure to welcome the pupils to our headquarters so they could learn more about the council.

“The children were a credit to the school and I was really impressed with their questions about the business and functions of the council.”