Public meeting to discuss getting rid of Football Act

Labour activists recent protest at Fir Park
Labour activists recent protest at Fir Park

Scottish Labour is holding a public meeting in Dalziel High, Motherwell, on Thursday at 7.30pm to discuss the controversial Offensive Behaviour and Threatening Communications Act.

This comes after the Fans Against Criminalisation (FAC) organisation addressed the Motherwell and Wishaw Constituency Labour Party (CLP) about their problems with the legislation.

Last week Labour activists then held a protest before the Motherwell versus Celtic match calling for the Act to be “kicked-out”.

Organiser Kenneth Duffy said: “This legislation is almost unique in that it brought all the opposition parties together to fight against it, but the SNP just pushed it through anyway.

“After FAC visited the CLP and we leafletted outside Fir Park I was approached by a lot of people saying the wished the opportunity to ask the SNP why this Act exists.

“Many feel that the existing legislation such as the 2003 Criminal Justice Act which covered the likes of hooliganism and sectarian singing was adequate without treating every football fan like a criminal.”

FAC talk through the act and what they feel it’s doing to football supporters joined by Labour candidates for Motherwell and Wishaw, John Pentland, and Uddingston and Bellshill, Michael McMahon.

Mr Pentland and Mr McMahon’s SNP opponents in the Scottish Parliament election, Clare Adamson and Richard Lyle, have also been invited.

Mr Duffy said: “This is not a hustings, this is a meeting to call for the Scottish Government to be held accountable on a specific issue.”