Public meeting called to Save Viewpark Gardens

The summer flower festival at Viewpark Gardens was a big attraction
The summer flower festival at Viewpark Gardens was a big attraction

A public meeting will take place in Burnhead Community Centre tonight (Wednesday) at 7pm to Save Viewpark Gardens.

Following last year’s budget North Lanarkshire Council was looking at alternative uses for the site and although nothing has been announced publicly local campaigners say they have been told it will close in August.

Martin O’Neill, who will chair the meeting, said: “We called the council and eventually got confirmation that it was closing, but they were very tight lipped over the plans for future use.

Viewpark Gardens has been a community landmark and beauty spot that the people in this area have been proud of for many, many years and an extremely popular spot for wedding photography.

“We call on North Lanarkshire Council to halt any plans on the closure of Viewpark Gardens immediately and guarantee the survival of this botanical garden for many generations to come.

The three Thorniewood councillor and a representative from the council have all been invited to the meeting.

Martin has urged everyone in attendance not allow the meeting to get sidetracked by other matters.

He said: “We recognise and agree that there is a lot in our area that we would like to take to our councillors and to the council, but this meeting is about saving the Viewpark Gardens.

“Any other matters can be raised through different mediums. We would ask that you respect this and keep this in mind when coming along.”

A petition to has also been launched at

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