Prowlers’ presence worries residents

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UDDINGSTON residents are calling for a better police presence after two prowlers were arrested over the festive period.

A man was foiled trying to break into a house in the Moorlands estate just before Christmas and then, in the early hours of Sunday morning, officers caught a man acting suspiciously near cars in the area.

One resident said: “I was wakened by a knock at the door at 4.30 on Sunday. Two guys dressed in jeans and fleeces asked me and a neighbour to check our cars.

“I was confused at first as I didn’t realise they were police officers. They had been undercover elsewhere and got a report of a man trying cars in our street.

“It’s worrying that the estate is being targeted. Fair play to the police, they have turned up and caught two men red-handed, but usually we never see any officers and it would send out a signal if they were patrolling here.”