Protect the children on budget day

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The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) union has called on North Lanarkshire councillors to ensure education is not disproportionately affected when the £73.3m cuts are announced next Thursday (February 14).

North Lanarkshire EIS president Ian Scott said: “With councillors being forced into seeking to save up to £73.3 million of savings, and over half of that possibly targeted on education-related services, the potential threat to the quality of children’s learning experiences and their life chances is crystal clear.

“Almost 700 jobs of the 1,400 possibly facing the axe are in learning and leisure services, and most of them in schools, and this understandably has caused great anxiety amongst those working in those services, including many of our own members.

“Job losses on such a scale will inevitably have a considerable impact on the ability to maintain educational service provision, should they be implemented.

“We recognise these are exceptionally difficult times for local councils, but urge councillors to do everything in their power to protect those least able to defend themselves, such as children and young people.”