Problem path is to be closed off

Path at Locket Yett View is a shortcut to Bellziehill roundabout.
Path at Locket Yett View is a shortcut to Bellziehill roundabout.

A shortcut which is said to have attracted troublemakers to a Bellshill housing estate is to be blocked off after complaints from residents.

People in Locket Yett View say property and vehicles have been damaged and they’re fed up with rowdy passers-by.

Around 80 residents attended a meeting with councillors and officials at Cardinal Newman High School last week. They secured an assurance that the path, which leads to Bellziehill roundabout, will be closed.

Councillor McGuigan, who attended the meeting with Councillor Harry Curran, was delighted with the outcome. He said the parallel path which runs along the main road will be upgraded to improve safety for pedestrians.

Councillor McGuigan said: “We need to add railings and ensure the path is wide enough. We must make that path as safe as possible, especially for the school pupils who will now have to use it to get to McDonalds on the other side of the roundabout.

“The area will be monitored to see if the Locket Yett path’s closure has the desired effect.”

Councillor McGuigan said another plus from the meeting was residents’ willingness to set up a group which could secure funds to tackle maintenance in the estate.

He confirmed the council will urge Transport Scotland to tackle safety for pedestrians crossing at Bellziehill roundabout.

Councillor McGuigan added: “It’s a dangerous crossing point. Transport Scotland must do something about it.”