Tory leader told to quit over handling of Goldsack affair

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The SNP Group at North Lanarkshire Council has called on Councillor Meghan Gallacher to resign as leader of the Conservative group.

Conservative councillor Stephen Goldsack is alleged to have made discriminatory comments as the planning sub-committee discussed an application for a mosque.

SNP councillor Shahid Farooq complained to the Standards Commission after Councillor Goldsack is alleged to have said “we can’t give more access to these people”, “If it was Church of Scotland, it would be ok ...”.

Councillor Goldsack denied the allegation, stating: “I’m from a mixed-race family, there’s no way I’m a racist. It’s complete nonsense.”

Since then it has been revealed he was previously an active member of the BNP and has now been expelled by the Conservatives.

Prior to headquarters taking action Councillor Gallacher claimed she had “full confidence” in Councillor Goldsack.

SNP group leader David Stocks said: “Her continued no-questions-asked defence of Councillor Goldsack shows she clearly doesn’t take allegations of racism and bigotry seriously and must resign as leader of the Conservative group in North Lanarkshire.”

The SNP Group has been no strangers to internal drama which Councillor Gallagher threw back at them.

She said: “Councillor Goldsack has been expelled by the Scottish Conservative Party.

“The SNP should get its own house in order before pointing the finger at other people.”