Time for residents to come together

Westerwood Community Council chairman Tom Law (left) and vice-chairman Bill Crosson
Westerwood Community Council chairman Tom Law (left) and vice-chairman Bill Crosson

Community council to hold first meeting after years of abeyance

The organisation never officially disbanded, but had been in a state of abeyance for the past four or five years.

Tom Law and Bill Crosson decided to see if there was interest in the community council being revived after being motivated by the number of public responses’s to Cala Home’s planning application to build 71 houses on the former 12th hole of Westerwood golf course.

A committee was appointed last week and its first proper meeting will take place in the Muirfield Centre on February 8 at 7.45pm.

Tom said: “It was clear that a lot of residents wanted to have their say on the development at the golf course so I thought it presented an opportunity to bring back the community council.

“The former chairman Gordon Wright and Councillor Tom Fisher were very helpful with giving us advice about how to get started and I was delighted when we were able to form a new committee.

“Clearly the Cala application is the most pressing issue for our community at the moment and we would like to submit a response on behalf of the community council.

“However, we don’t just want to be a one issue group, there are one or two other things for us to focus on and we want the people who come along to shape our agenda.”

The Cala application was expected to go before the planning committee this month, however the Cumbernauld News understands the council weren’t happy with the exit from the site onto King’s Drive so it is currently being revised.

A spokesperson for Cala Homes (West): “We are conducting additional survey work on the proposed development at Westerwood in order to deliver as detailed and considered a proposal to the committee as possible.

“We are in liaison with North Lanarkshire Council regarding these proposals, which we hope will be determined in the coming months.”