The real Taylor on show

Parents and pupils from Taylor High demonstrate at Motherwell Civic Centre in April.
Parents and pupils from Taylor High demonstrate at Motherwell Civic Centre in April.

Parents at Taylor High in New Stevenston are hoping they have persuaded a number North Lanarkshire councillors to save the school.

The parent council held an open meeting to which they invited all 70 councillors from across the local authority area.

A total of 20 took up the invitation and were given a tour of the building as parents try to prevent their school from being amalgamated with Our Lady’s High in Motherwell and moved to Ravenscraig.

Parent council chairwoman Catherine Brown said: “To be honest we thought we’d probably be lucky if five of the councillors turned up, if indeed there were any at all, so we were delighted to welcome 20 of them along.

“A lot of them had never been to Taylor before and seemed very impressed with what they saw on their tour.

“We know from the outside the school doesn’t look great, but that is nothing that some new cladding wouldn’t put right - we actually took it upon ourselves to see what that would cost and while it would be about £1 million that is a lot less than £36 million for a new school at Ravenscraig.

“A lot has been made of the great facilities at the newly built St Ambrose High in Coatbridge, but we were able to show the councillors the great facilities we’ve had for some years, after all we weren’t named a School of Technology for nothing.”

Catherine is hoping that when a decision on the amalgamation is made in September, that the councillors will take Taylor off the table and come up with another plan to rejuvenate Our Lady’s.

She said: “We appreciate that the council are trying to do something to help Our Lady’s, but it is only due to geography that we have been dragged into this.

“As we have said all along, and as some of the councillors have now seen for themselves, we are certainly far from ‘not fit for purpose’.

“Hopefully now we have proved that whatever plans the council has for Our Lady’s they should not involve us and will continue to make that point throughout the summer.”

Following on from the demonstration at Motherwell Civic Centre in April another is planned, as is a candlelit mass at Carfin Grotto.

In addition members of the parent council will be attending councillors surgeries across North Lanarkshire.

Catherine said: “We refuse to sit back and wait, we will be as proactive as possible.”