Tannochside centre has its funding axed

Thorniewood councillor Steven Bonnar
Thorniewood councillor Steven Bonnar

North Lanarkshire Council has axed its funding to Tannochside Information and Advice Centre.

The organisation was hit with a 36 per cent funding cut last year and will now be forced to seek alternative funding sources if it is to survive.

Last week the Infrastructure Committee voted to remove all funding to independent advice services from March to save £371,000.

It will now only fund Citizens’ Advice Bureaux across the six localities that make up the council with a total of £432,000.

Committee convener Councillor Michael McPake blamed the Scottish Government for forcing them to make the decision.

He said: “Our advice and information centres have already paid the price of austerity in Holyrood over the last few years and unfortunately will be hit again as a result of the Scottish Government’s unwillingness to properly fund local services.”

The SNP Group’s motion asking for further consideration and a rethink was defeated 18-11.

Thorniewood councillor Steven Bonnar fears what impact the loss of the service could have on the area.

He said: “The loss of Tannochside Information and Advice Centre would be a harsh blow for the area and for the local people who depend on its support.

“Thorniewood is among the most deprived wards in the whole of Scotland and as the roll out of further Westminster benefit reforms looms I find it unfathomable that the Labour administration would push these cuts through.”