SNP win in Motherwell and Wishaw

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Motherwell and Wishaw returned Marion Fellows to Westminster during a clean sweep across North Lanarkshire by the SNP.

Mrs Fellows, now entering her third term as an MP, said while acknowledging the result: “Boris Johnson said a vote for the SNP in this election was a vote for a referendum in Scotland,” and called for exactly that  to take place.

She also expressed concerns about the overall Conservative majority elsewhere in the UK, an outcome she described as “a sad night for the majority of the country.”

In 2017 Mrs Fellows had a majority of just 318 votes but this has now surged to more than six thousand votes over Labour, whose Angela Feeney achieved just 14,354 votes.

The full result was:

Angela Feeney (Labour) 14,354

Marion Fellows (SNP) 20.622

Meghan Gallagher (Conservative) 7,150

Cristopher Wilson (Liberal Democrats) 1,675

Neil Wilson (UKIP) 619

Voter  turnout for this contest was 64.65 per cent.

Neil McGrory , Local Democracy Reporting Service