Snack vans banned from school gates

Councillor William Hogg
Councillor William Hogg

Snack vans selling hot and cold food, ice cream and fish and chips will be blocked from trading within 250 metres of school boundaries as part of the new street licence condition.

The measure was approved by North Lanarkshire Council’s Corporate Services committee, following the decision by the full council in March to introduce a ban.

Convener Councillor William Hogg said: “The condition will apply to new applicants for street traders’ licences from the beginning of June.

“Existing licence-holders will receive a letter notifying them of the proposed change to the conditions of their licence.

“The committee was unanimous in agreeing the change.”

The ban was proposed by Learning and Leisure Services convener Councillor Jim Logue.

He said: “Scotland is facing an obesity crisis and we must do all we can to reverse the current trends.

“Of course this measure alone won’t do that, but it does send out a clear message that this authority takes its responsibility seriously when it comes to looking after the health of our young people.

“We will continue to work in our schools and leisure facilities to provide pupils with the opportunity to be active by providing a wide range of exciting and stimulating opportunities, which we hope they will adopt throughout their lives.”