Second Lanarkshire MP calls for firework regulations to be changed

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Airdrie and Shotts MP Neil Gray has called on the UK Government to follow Scotland’s lead and look into the improper use of fireworks.

Mr Gray has received numerous complaints from constituents, both before and since Bonfire Night.

He said: “For most of the country, firework displays are great fun and a nice social event, but to some of the population, like armed forces veterans, they are a reminder of horrid events that they have lived through.

“We have also all seen the videos of animals shaking with fear or, even worse, being injured when hateful folk have deliberately targeted them.

“The Scottish Government is consulting on regulation of fireworks even though this is a reserved matter and I would hope that UK Ministers would look on those results sympathetically to see how things could be made better and have another look at the firework rules.

“It is also clear that some people, who can currently legitimately purchase fireworks, are using them for anti-social behaviour and violence in our communities.

“For this reason I think the UK Government needs to look at their regulations.”

Motherwell and Wishaw MP Marion Fellows has previously argued for the introduction of licensing scheme so members of the public need a permit if they want to buy fireworks.