Room with a view for older tower residents

Whamond Tower in Motherwell
Whamond Tower in Motherwell

North Lanarkshire Council’s Housing and Social Work Committee has agreed plans to designate Whamond Tower in Motherwell for older residents.

Elaine McHugh, head of Housing Services, said: “Through our tower block strategy and discussions with local people, we have identified where older people want to live.

“Towers offer safe, secure and clean homes in areas we already have a number of older residents living, with the size of the flats on offer also tending to be what older people are looking for.

“They are close to local shops, services, community facilities and our feedback has shown people enjoy a real sense of community spirit in the blocks.

“Having local facilities at close hand is also of particular benefit to those with limited mobility.

“This is an exciting development as part of our tower block strategy which is delivering safe and attractive towers for our tenants to live in and we will be speaking to our residents about the plans.”

Tenants already living in Whamond Tower who are under the age of 60 will not be affected.

Priority however, will be given to older people on the housing list as and when properties become available.