RISE offers platform for campaigners to share experiences

The Motherwell and Wishaw branch of RISE has called the meeting
The Motherwell and Wishaw branch of RISE has called the meeting

A public meeting hosted by a local political group is offering a platform to various campaign groups to discuss and share ideas about how to challenge political and corporate decisions that adversely affect their communities.

This as part of RISE Motherwell and Wishaw’s declared intent to build an alternative to an economic model that is failing to deliver for the vast majority of people.

Representatives from the Save Newarthill Library campaign, the Council Anti-Cuts campaign and campaigners against job cuts within HMRC have been invited to the meeting which will take place on Wednesday, November 9, at 7.30pm in the Daisy Park Centre, Motherwell.

RISE believe the range of organisations represented shows that there is considerable space for those seeking to have a different vision for the type of communities we want to have.

RISE spokesman Dominic Milligan said: “It is important that space is provided to not only hear how people are challenging decisions that can damage our communities, but to share experiences and ideas about building an alternative that prioritises people not profit.

“RISE is delighted to offer that space because there are so much that these diverse campaigns share in terms of challenging the received wisdom that decision making rests only with powerful corporate and political interests.

“This is a vibrant and democratic community of campaigners who are all actively striving to make things better.

“It offers a rare opportunity to discuss how to get involved with different issues, but also be part of creating the policies and ideas that can help shape a better Scotland.

“I hope people come along to what will be a lively and interesting event.”