Public toilets in Motherwell to close

The public toilets in Brandon Parade South, Motherwell
The public toilets in Brandon Parade South, Motherwell

The public toilets in Motherwell Shopping Centre are to close as North Lanarkshire Council seeks to save £50,000.

The Brandon Parade South facility along with the auto toilets in Coatbridge and Airdrie are the only council-run public conveniences left in North Lanarkshire, at one time there was 21.

The closure of all three were included among the savings as the council set its 2017/18 budget last Thursday.

Five years ago when the Brandon Parade East toilets were closed a council report stated those in Brandon Parade South was used by 4000 people a week and underwent a £6000 refurbishment at that time.

The budget papers describe the current use of the toilets as ‘low’, however the council were unable to furnish the Times & Speaker with actual figures stating that various departments were just asked for ideas of where savings could be made prior to the budget meeting.

In its budget proposal the SNP removed the closure of the toilets as a potential saving and Group leader David Stocks vowed to challenge it when it comes before a future committee.

He said: “We know savings have to be made, but we don’t agree with just making them for the sake of it.

“This is especially true when it comes to facilities like this that could cause a major problem for people when they disappear.

“There hasn’t been a report on public toilet usage put before a committee in quite some time, so we have no idea what justification the administration might have.

“However, I can assure everyone that when this matter is brought before committee that I will have plenty to say about it.”

Back in 2009 when the public toilets in North Road, Bellshill, were demolished the council admitted at that time they decided not to check how many people used them.