Postal votes being sent out

Gavin Whitefield
Gavin Whitefield

The first issue of postal votes for the Scottish Referendum took place on Thursday, and those registered should have received their postal package which must be completed and returned by September 18.

Polling cards have also been issued to people who registered by August 14. These outline how you’ve applied to vote, how you do this and details of the polling stations where votes can be cast between 7am and 10pm on the day.

A second issue of postal votes and polling cards will be send out on Monday.

If you haven’t received your postal vote or polling card by next Wednesday call 01698 302119 or e-mail

All households across Scotland should also have received an impartial guide to voting in the referendum, produced by the Electoral Commission.

It includes information about voting, statements from the main referendum campaigners and a joint statement from the Scottish and UK governments on what will happen after the referendum.

This guide is also available in alternative languages and formats, and these are available by calling 0800 3 280 280 or visiting About My Vote

Gavin Whitefield, counting officer for North Lanarkshire said, “It is important that everyone who is eligible to vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum can do this. We’re now at an advanced stage of managing the arrangements of the referendum and if anyone requires information on the voting process please contact our referendum office.”