OAP says new bin schedule is just rubbish

Margaret Thomson
Margaret Thomson

A New Stevenston pensioner has rubbished North Lanarkshire Council’s move to carry out bin collections on Sundays.

Margaret Thomson, of Burn Crescent, refuses to take her bins out for the recently introduced Sunday service on religious grounds - and has even ken her own rubbish to the Reema Road recycling centre in Bellshill on a bus in protest.

Margaret said: “I am a 72-year-old widow but have decided enough is enough.

“It started last year when the small food bin was introduced. Our area was allocated a Sunday service for the first time.

“I phoned the appropriate department to complain and offered to take my bin to the nearest uplift not on a Sunday, but this was refused.

“I was told to put the bin out on a Saturday night, but I said it would still be a Sunday uplift and was then told to put my bin out with my regular green bin, and this arrangement continued until the recent changes.

“For the past two weeks, I have packed as much rubbish as I can into my shopping trolley and carried a further bag onto the bus and headed for the recycling centre.

“Due to my circumstances, this action will have its limitations and I will have to consider other options.”

Margaret, a parishioner at Christ the King Church in Holytown, says she has made several unsuccessful calls to the authority and officials.

She said: “They seem to think if they ignore me, the problem will disappear.

“I have certainly never sought this confrontation but I feel I am being forced into this protest by the ill-conceived decisions of the few.

“The rules of Christianity formed our country, and we are destroying it brick-by-brick.”

Kenneth Wilson, head of Environment and Estates, said: “The council makes collections from over 151,000 households every week and the seven day operation allows us to do this, in line with efficiency savings targets.

“The working pattern adopted is a pattern that the employees identified and voted for. Employees were able to talk to managers about any specific issues, such as personal circumstances or religious orientation.”