Night fire patrols at tower blocks

Glen Tower in Motherwell
Glen Tower in Motherwell

Safety checks stepped up after London tragedy

North Lanarkshire Council says regular checks are taking place to ensure fire doors are not jammed open and there is no rubbish lying around.

At least 79 people are feared dead after the high rise blaze in London earlier this month. Last week North Lanarkshire assured residents it doesn’t use the same cladding or insulation blamed for the Grenfell fire spreading so quickly.

One tower resident who has noticed security patrols at night said: “I have not witnessed any anti-social incidents or criminal activity in the 10 years I have lived here.

“I am drawn to the thought that these are in fact​ fire-watching patrols.”

The council confirmed the new patrols followed a review of fire safety in all its tower blocks and urged residents to be vigilant.

Jamie Pettigrew, assistant operations manager (community safety), explained: “We have put in place increased safety measures in the evenings and night times. These are in addition to our daily patrols.

“They include regular checks to ensure there are no fire hazards in the towers. For example, checking doors aren’t jammed open and that no debris is left in communal areas such as landings.

“We would ask that tenants play their part too by keeping landings and common areas clear.”