Muirhouse car park is final piece of the puzzle

Contractors get to work improving the Muirhouse football pavilion car park
Contractors get to work improving the Muirhouse football pavilion car park

Following the successful refurbishment and opening of the Muirhouse football pavilion, the car park has now been upgraded.

Although the basic rough stone surface covering had been acceptable in getting the facility up and running again, it was far from being a permanent solution to the many people using it to park their cars on match and training days.

Motherwell South East and Ravenscraig councillor Gary O’Rorke raised the issue within North Lanarkshire Council who agreed a proper permanently defined tarmac road surface would be installed .

He said: “Following the success of this recently refurbished pavilion and upgraded football park, the parking facilities for the many people who now use this excellent facility was really quite inadequate for the many people walking across it.

“I therefore approached the relevant department on behalf of many of the people who use this facility and explained the situation and have to say they were more than helpful to my request.

“The council’s ‘property and minor works team’ really have delivered an excellent service in undertaking this project.

“It is of great credit to the management and the workers of this department, who have delivered a first class job.

“This considerable investment in this new upgraded parking facility adds yet again to the Muirhouse football ground facilities.

“This facility is not only an asset for the people and teams of Muirhouse and surrounding area, but it is also something that any visiting football teams can admire.

“Working with my council colleagues this and future investment in the facilities of our area is what we will be driving to improve year on year for the use of and enjoyment for all the people of our area.”