MSPS spat over school meals

Clare Adamson MSP
Clare Adamson MSP

Two MSPs are locked in a bitter war of words over a move to provide healthy free school meals to all pupils.

Central Scotland list MSP Clare Adamson has condemned Motherwell and Wishaw’s MSP John Pentland’s decision to vote against the Scottish Government policy, which will take effect from January next year.

And she has called on Mr Pentland to ‘explain to the people of Motherwell’ - and a number of charities, which have welcomed the scheme - how the Labour stance will benefit local children.

She said: “This week’s debate completely exposed Labour’s narrow partisan agenda.

“In their determination to attack everything proposed by the SNP, John Pentland MSP ended up voting against policies which Labour themselves have claimed to support.”

But Mr Pentland argues Claire Adamson and the SNP are personalising attacks on their rivals as a “smokescreen” to hide their own problems.

“There is no need for childcare improvements to wait until after the referendum on independence,” he said.

“We already have the power and the resources, but the SNP government has chosen not to use the. The SNP have done a partial U-turn on this issue – but we will still lag behind England where by September, 40 per cent of two year olds will receive childcare compared to only 15 per cent in Scotland.

“Ms Adamson and the SNP Government should stop playing separatist games that involve holding back on promised improvements that could be delivered now. Times are difficult now, and we need action now.”