MP is Frank about SNP independence claims

Frank Roy
Frank Roy
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Motherwell and Wishaw MP Frank Roy has taken a swipe at First Minister Alex Salmond over SNP claims an independent Scotland would be a good thing for the Labour Party.

He said: “Our country isn’t perfect, nothing is, but I believe the best way to give people in our area the best chance in life is to stay in the UK.

“One of the hardest things to take during this long and hard fought campaign has been the hypocrisy of Alex Salmond and the SNP.

“Knowing that to win the referendum they must attract the support of Labour voters the nationalists have cynically targeted them in a series of statements about social justice and a more equal society.

“The SNP have repeatedly said that a ‘yes’ win would be good for the Scottish Labour Party, with Nicola Sturgeon going so far as to say she’d be happy to see a Labour Government in an independent Scotland ... what rubbish!

“In the last few years alone the SNP Government voted against a living wage for hundreds of thousands of Scots and refused to back Labour’s proposal to ban zero hours contracts for public procurement programmes.

“So don’t be fooled by Alex Salmond’s attempt to drape himself in the Red Flag, he will say and do anything to get people in our area to back his independence obsession.”