MP critical of decision to hold snap General Election

Marion Fellows won the Motherwell and Wishaw seat from Frank Roy in 2015
Marion Fellows won the Motherwell and Wishaw seat from Frank Roy in 2015

Motherwell and Wishaw MP Marion Fellows intends to stand for re-election after Prime Minister Theresa May announced a snap General Election on June 8.

Due to the short timescale the SNP’s National Executive is expected meet in the coming days to choose the party’s candidates rather than leaving it for branches to go through a selection process.

As the sitting MP Mrs Fellows will almost certainly be allowed to defend the seat she won from Frank Roy in 2015.

However, Mrs Fellows is not happy an election has been called, claiming the Conservative Party are taking advatange of ‘turmoil’ in the Labour party.

Mrs Fellows said: “The Tories have shown nothing but disrespect for the wishes of the people of Scotland by ignoring our decisive will on the EU. They have made attack after attack on working people while making the rich richer.

“While Labour are in turmoil, the Tories are seizing the opportunity to call an election to take the country further to the right. The Tories are putting their interests before that of the country.

“But the situation in Scotland is different. It will give Scotland the opportunity to reject the narrow minded, austerity-drive agenda of the Tories once again.”

Meanwhile, Mrs Fellows is holding a Meet Your MP event at the GLO Centre in Motherwell on Sunday from 7-8pm.

This event was organised before the election was called to give constituents an opportunity to discuss any issues they wish to raise.