Labour leader has visited Motherwell

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn turned up in Motherwell on Saturday on a mini-tour of Scotland to help hammer the Labour message home.

Mr Corbyn made a bee-line for the GLO Centre where he chatted about tactics with grassroots activists who are trying to secure votes for the woman they’ve chosen to stand in Motherwell and Wishaw – Angela Feeney.

To this end, he took part in a “persuasive conversation” training session before taking to the town centre and treating shoppers to a spot of oratory in an old-fashioned stump speech.

An impassioned Mr Corbyn stated: “We need everyone to campaign for Angela Feeney, our election candidate.

“An election is coming once a no deal is off the table. This is a once in a generation chance for real change in Scotland and UK.

“The SNP and Tories are both fixated on constitutional issues. Only a Labour government in Westminster can deliver the investment Scotland needs – at least £70 billion over the next decade.”

The constituency has been earmarked as one of the key seats Labour wants to wrest back from the Scottish National Party.