Fascist graffiti roundly condemned

There has been widespread condemnation into an incident that has sent shockwaves across Scotland and beyond after extreme right-wing graffiti surfaced on a memorial to Lanarkshire’s 11 fallen soldiers in the Spanish Civil War.

Sunday, 27th June 2021, 12:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 30th June 2021, 9:51 am

As members of the No Paseran Committee received messages of support from comrades from their supporters in the UK, Ireland and North America as well as Spain, local politicians condemned those responsible.

Marion Fellows MP said: “The vandalism of the International Brigade Memorial is absolutely sickening. These men selflessly travelled to Spain to fight against Fascism and for peoples’ rights and liberties.

“I commend Steven McGowan and his son for restoring the Memorial. Their actions and the bravery of the International Brigadiers stands in stark contrast to the petty and cowardly acts of the vandals. I hope this event will encourage people to learn about the sacrifices made by those from Lanarkshire who joined the International Brigades.

“The community’s reaction has shown that those vandals are a minority. However, we should never think that Fascism doesn’t exist here in Scotland. It does and we must oppose it at every turn. I hope anyone with any information will contact the police.”

Her SNP colleague at Holyrood Stephanie Callaghan echoed that view and added: “It’s despicable. I hope this awful event acts as a catalyst for many more people to educate themselves about the brave local volunteers who defended liberty and democracy against Franco and his right wing supporters.”

Meanwhile Jim Jump, chair of the International Brigade Memorial Trust said: “This cannot diminish the inspirational legacy of the International Brigades. The volunteers who went to Spain to fight Hitler, Franco and Mussolini set an example of internationalism and anti-fascism for everyone fighting the scourge of racism, militarism and violence. The desecration of this memorial shows that the same evil ideology is still in our midst.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "We received a report around 12 noon on Saturday, June 26, that a memorial in Duchess Park had been vandalised. Enquiries are ongoing.”