DWP have ‘fingers in ears’

Hugh Gaffney MP
Hugh Gaffney MP

The Department for Work and Pensions are “sticking their fingers in their ears” rather than listen to criticism of Universal Credit.

Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill MP Hugh Gaffney made the claims during a House of Commons debate on censuring Secretary of State Esther McVey for misleading the house.

He said: “I came to this House to stand up for the most vulnerable and for those who need a better deal from their Government.

“These are the people who elected us to this House and the people who all of us have a responsibility to serve, yet still I cannot work out why the government refuses to listen, why they won’t pause and learn the lessons from the botched roll out of Universal credit.

“And why are the government sticking their fingers in their ears? Well because the National Audit Office report was damning.

“It was stinging in its clarity on the fact that the government’s flagship social security reform programme is not meeting the aims that were set out and there is no evidence that it ever will.”

Speaking after the debate, Mr Gaffney added: “There is no doubt that the welfare policies of this Government is bringing new hardship to people in my constituency and across the country.

“If the Government fails to act then this is right-wing ideology over common sense.”