Corbyn in Motherwell this afternoon

Jeremy Corbyn is in Motherwell today
Jeremy Corbyn is in Motherwell today

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will meet supporters in Motherwell town centre this afternoon.

Mr Corbyn is expected to arrive around 4.30pm as part of his tour of target Labour seats in Scotland.

Later he will attend a party fundraising dinner in Tannochside.

Meanwhile, Mr Corbyn has been challenged by Motherwell and Wishaw MP Marion Fellows to intervene in the row over North Lanarkshire Council’s Labour leader, Jim Logue.

This week the council rejected an SNP call for Councillor Logue to step aside while police investigate his activities as chairman of NL Leisure.

Councillor Logue insists he has done nothing wrong by failing to register his directorship of two associated companies.

However, Mrs Fellows said: “Jeremy Corbyn has said he will bring in a new kind of politics. Now is his opportunity to prove it to the people of North Lanarkshire. He must intervene to make Jim Logue step down.

“By cosying up with the Tories on the council, Labour have shown that their main aims are holding on to power at any cost. They have even appointed the leader of the Tory group as the chair of the audit and scrutiny committee which calls into question the integrity and fairness of the council.

“Nothing has been proven yet, but in the interests of justice and transparency Jim Logue must step aside. By not doing so, the council’s name is being dragged through mud and it’s all happening under Corbyn’s watch.

“Corbyn’s silence would be equal to an endorsement. While he allows this to continue, the SNP will oppose any form of corruption and political stitch-ups in the interests of justice.”