Big crowd for indy debate

Standing room only at the debate
Standing room only at the debate

More than 300 people packed into the GLO Centre auditorium in Motherwell on Friday night for a debate on Scottish independence.

Organised by the Lanarkshire Forum for Independence the debate saw Yes Scotland chief executive Blair Jenkins presenting the case for Scottish independence, while Motherwell and Wishaw MP Frank Roy MP opposed it.

Many members of the audience asked questions and gave views from both sides of the argument in an increasingly lively atmosphere.

The forum’s Dominic Milligan said: “We sincerely thank Frank Roy and Blair Jenkins for their participation in the debate.

“We also thank all those who came along in such large numbers and contributed towards what was a lively and at times electric atmosphere.

“It is gratifying to note that voters are engaged and becoming more so in the issues surrounding Scottish independence.

“These types of events, where we can engage with our fellow citizens, are crucial in the lead up to the referendum on September 18.

“It is our intention to take the case for an independent Scotland where we can and going forward other events will be organised.”

Mr Roy added: “I was delighted to attend the debate and heartened by the excellent turnout.

“It was to be expected from an event organised by the Lanarkshire Forum for Independence the audience was mostly in favour of independence, however the organisation should be applauded for organising such a healthy debate.

“My main priority was to outline the impact independence would have on our local community.

“In January I visited the area’s largest employer, the Pension Service in Motherwell, and heard firsthand the serious concerns employees have regarding their jobs.

“It’s time the Yes campaign were honest with our community.

“Can they guarantee the jobs of over 500 people at the pension service? Will they tell us how our economy will function? Will we have the pound? Will we be part of Europe. Will our pensions be guaranteed in an independent Scotland?

“I was disappointed not to get answers to these vital issues on Friday, as these are the issues constituents are raising with me on a daily basis.”