Asbestos fear of Carfin family

Jeanie Brown. with grand-daughter Cadence, in the 'shambles' of her hallway in Carfin.
Jeanie Brown. with grand-daughter Cadence, in the 'shambles' of her hallway in Carfin.
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North Lanarkshire Council has moved swiftly to assure a distraught Carfin woman there’s no deadly asbestos left in her “shambles” home.

But Jeanie Brown - whose daughter and grand-daughter live with her - says she should never have been moved into the Clapperhow Road house in the first place.

She said: “I was moved here in December, and we’ve had nothing but trouble since.

“The floor in the bathroom turned out to be rotten, and was pressing down on the hall ceiling below.

“Then they discovered asbestos, and we all had to leave the house for three days during the daytime.

“They said we should spend that time in the homeless unit - but we should have been offered proper accommodation.

“On one of the days when we were out from 8.45am till 5pm I took (grand-daughter) Cadence to Wetherspoon - and the rest of the time we had to stay with my mum, who is unwell.”

She added: “I assumed after that everything would be fine, but we were left in a total mess and with quite a lot of questions that needed answering.”

The hall ceiling was ripped down and has been covered with polythene for around eight weeks - a plasterer who arrived found he wasn’t able to complete the work, she said, and had to call off.

Ms Brown said: “But what worries me most is that some asbestos is still in the cavity beside the first batch, and I’ve been told that as it hasn’t been disturbed it will be sealed in.

“But the cavity has clearly been forced open during the work on the rot, and surely must have been disturbed.”

But Des Murray, property services manager, said: “The bathroom floor was badly damaged by rot and required a lot of work to make it secure.

“During the repairs, our contractors discovered previously unknown Chrysotile (white) asbestos in the floor space.

We take a safety first approach will all our repairs and our specialist contractors fully inspected the area and removed the asbestos.

“Due to the extent of the works, and the safety considerations, the repairs have taken longer than originally anticipated but are scheduled to be completed by October 21.”

The council is adamant all asbestos has been removed.