Police urge new school of thought for drivers

SUPPORT . . . officers have spoken with concerned parents and residents. (B)
SUPPORT . . . officers have spoken with concerned parents and residents. (B)

DRIVERS in Bellshill are being urged to park more considerately after concerns were raised about potentially dangerous parking near schools and around the town centre.

Police area commander, Chief Inspector Rosie Wright, made the appeal after the issue was raised by Bellshill Community Council and local councillors.

She called on those dropping off children at schools to avoid zig-zag markings after officers visited schools to crackdown on the problem.

She said: “I am delighted to see local people supporting my officers as they respond to the risk to children from dangerous and illegal parking around schools.

“I am aware that community policing officers were approached by many concerned parents who were keen to see a stop to drivers dropping children off at the front door and blocking pathways for children trying to cross.


“I would encourage anyone who is attending schools in the area with a car to park it away from the front entrance and walk to the school instead of restricting both children’s view of the road and their space to cross safely.

“We have recently written to all schools to inform parents of our commitment to the safety of their children at school times and hope that everyone will play their part in keeping children safe on their way to and from school.”

She added: “I am also aware of parking concerns in the town centre. My officers have been monitoring the situation, and will take appropriate action where any offences are detected.”

Duncan McLeod, secretary of Bellshill Community Council, has also circulated a letter around local schools.

He said: “It has been noticed that parking is a major problem and more care is needed when dropping these children off so they can go into school safely. I am very concerned and hope that no accidents will happen.”