Police geared up for road safety

PC Jonathan Smith and PC Kay Walkinshaw carry out a stop check in Bellshill.
PC Jonathan Smith and PC Kay Walkinshaw carry out a stop check in Bellshill.

MORE than 100 motorists were reported for various driving offences in Bellshill during a police road safety campaign.

Local officers carried out stop checks of vehicles during the force-wide project last month.

And Chief Inspector Alex Graham, Area Commander at Bellshill, says regular checks will be continuing in the town.

He said: “During the month of June we ran a road safety campaign across the force which saw numerous motorists charged or warned with offences such as speeding and using mobile phones whilst driving.

“Among the vehicles stopped we reported 54 people for failing to wear a seat belt, 69 people for driving whilst using a mobile phone, four drivers for failing to stop at red lights, two drivers for careless driving, two drivers for drink driving, six for failing to insure their vehicles, two for not having a drivers licence and two drivers for carrying passengers unsafely.”

He added: “Given the success in educating drivers and punishing the offending last month, I have instructed all officers at Bellshill to carry on with highlighting areas of concern and charging offenders who continue to break the law.

“We usually deal with these types of offences by way of conditional offer of fixed penalty although this month we have reported the following to the Procurator Fiscals Office in Hamilton - 21 speeding complaints, two dangerous drivers, four careless drivers, two disqualified drivers, nine drivers / owners of vehicles with no insurance, one driver with no licence and two drivers who have taken the vehicle without the owner’s permission.

“We will continue to issue conditional offers of fixed penalty tickets to drivers who merit this and will report drivers who are committing serious offences to the Procurator Fiscal to ensure we keep law abiding motorists and pedestrians safe.”