Police confirm - Saturday is ‘not all right for fighting’

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Lanarkshire police have thanked the 14,000 fans who flocked to Airdrie’s Excelsior Stadium for a landmark concert starring Elton John.

Yesterday’s show spelled a major security operation, with features now familiar to fans at major football and other events - notably armed police and bag searches.

But besides enjoying an evening of stellar entertainment from one of Britain’s greatest ever stars officers were clearly pleased by “a drama free night”.

A spokesman on social media told fans: “A special thanks for your patience, undestanding and banter during the search operation”.

Meanwhile police say Sir Elton might have risked a custodial sentence for inciting disorder with his claim that “Saturday’s all right for fighting”, which Police Scotland confirms is not the case.

The light-hearted but practical police social media coverage of the run-up to the event won praise from Facebook responders - although the officer concerned stresses this is not his only role.

In fact he is a 45-year-old Inspector, and has many other things to do as well.