Police calls preview

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AN investigation has been launched after a woman was assaulted in Bellshill on New Year’s Day.

Police say the attack on the 24-year-old, which occurred around 1am near a bus stop on North Road, was unprovoked.

She was walking along the street when she was approached by three men and punched on the face by one of them. She suffered a burst lip and lost a tooth as a result.

The trio made off after the incident and the police and an ambulance were called.

Anyone with information is urged to call Bellshill police office.

A 50-year-old man was punched in the face following an altercation in the toilets of the Electric Bar, Airbles Road, Motherwell, around 11.30pm on Christmas Eve.

Fortunately the man did not suffer serious injury and did not require medical assistance.

The suspect is described as being around 50, 5’9”, with blonde hair and believed to have been wearing a white polo shirt with navy stripes.

Witnesses are urged to call Motherwell police office.

For a round-up of police reports from Motherwell, Bellshill and surrounding areas, see the column on page 8 of this week’s paper - out on Wednesday.