Police ATM warning

POLICE are urging locals to be vigilant when using ATM terminals.

A skimming device was recently discovered in Moodiesburn, and officers are urging members of the public to be cautious when using cash machines throughout the North Lanarkshire area.

As well as skimming devices, which are attached over the slot where the card is entered, users should be aware of ‘card traps’, which jam the card in the machine for the fraudster to retrieve. Officers are also warning of hidden cameras, used to capture card details and PIN numbers, and of suspicious bystanders who could take your attention and snatch your cash without you realising.

A police spokesman said: “Always make sure that you cover your hand when entering your PIN. This may nullify the threat posed by hidden cameras and unwanted onlookers. Remember that your PIN should only be known by you as it is essentially the key to your finances.”